TOSENO develops and produces customised stabilising and functional systems to improve product quality, cost-effectiveness and the manufacturing process.

Demand for convenience food is rising. Consumer interest in convenience food has experienced continuous growth over recent years as a result of overlapping social, occupational and private challenges. Young consumers, in particular, prefer reproducible and varied taste experiences while spending a minimum of time and money on preparation. This results in new requirements for the stability of a defined product quality, for long-term cost-effectiveness, and for continuous improvement in the manufacturing process. For TOSENO, this represents a continuous incentive to discover new things, to define positive aspects of professional standards, and to question existing standards to allow good new ideas to come to fruition. Within this cycle, TOSENO both generates new ideas and listens attentively while collaborating with its partners in developing specialised functional systems for demanding manufacturers of deli products and desserts.

These whole systems are greater than the sum of their parts: in the development phase, the functions of all individual components are always designed for optimum interaction, giving the consumer a taste experience for a set amount of time and money. Our work is primarily dedicated to the taste, stability, texture, and homogeneity of soups, sauces, mayonnaises, salad creams, ketchups, dressings, spreads and desserts – all of which also in vegetarian and vegan versions.

By means of highly effective hydrocolloid compounds, TOSENO’s functional systems can be used to configure the viscosity, water-binding properties and shelf-life of hot and cold-manufactured mayonnaises, salad mayonnaises, salad creams, salad sauces and emulsified dressings, regardless of their fat content. Efficient milk protein compounds can be used to achieve precise freezing and thawing stability even for salad mayonnaises with their specific fat content: the salad mayonnaise retains its stable emulsion and impresses with a creamy mouthfeel. TOSENO functional systems and stabilisators can be used for almost all products in clean-label, vegetarian, vegan, and organic quality. They are also suitable for pasteurisation and stabilisation.

Whether they are flour-bound, yolk-bound, pureed or cream-based soups, ketchups or sauces of varying fat contents, we use our STAB stabilisation systems to adjust the rheology and texture to your desired flow properties and optimum filling viscosity. Our texturising and emulsion systems give classic and low-fat spreads a full-bodied and high-quality mouthfeel.