High Quality Ingredients

Whether it is a stabilising system, emulsifier or special starch combination, of animal or of vegetable origin, we ensure that all raw materials and suppliers undergo a defined qualification process covering manufacturing methods, all product functions, and documentation of relevant parameters. In our in-house laboratory, all raw materials and finished products used are inspected for their microbiological, physical and chemical properties.

Since 1997, TOSENO has been certified to DIN EN ISO 9001, and since 2006 also in accordance with the EEC organic farming regulation (DE-OEKO-006).

TOSENO functional systems are much more than just the sum of their individual high-quality components. Defined functions are identified foreach ingredient for a specific batch, and in their most effective dose they are then brought to a specific interaction between the individual ingredients and verified in function, storage and microbiological tests. In various relevant development and production stages, viscosity comparisons are performed on an ongoing basis to ensure that the desired synergies are achieved, with perfect compounding between proteins, emulsifiers, native starches, special starches, functional salts and lipids, enzymes, flavourings, fibres, dietary fibre, sweeteners, preservatives and hydrocolloids. The aim is to bind water, make the product heat or cold-resistant to a defined degree, and to preserve it appropriately and/or optimise the mouthfeel and taste.