About us

For more than 90 years, customers the world over have relied on our effective and efficient functional systems for the deli foods industry. From our beginnings with individual components, we progressed to binding systems, and now offer complete system products that ensure functioning, make costs definable and homogenize many different quality foods stably and reliably.

The continuous analysis of the functions of all system components and their interactions is the key prerequisite for synchronous, defined goals, so that with our partners we can develop customer-specific application systems at the TOSENO Technical Centre.

International product development

Together with our partners, we develop individual stabilizing and efficient texturing systems for the international deli foods and desserts industry. TOSENO is your partner for high-performance functional systems, whether for hot or cold production, stabilizing or emulsifying, whether foods will be acidified, seasoned or flavoured. At our production facility in Hamburg, Germany we carry product individuation further, to take into account customer-specific packaging and logistics.

We develop functional systems with an eye to qualitative and quantitative fluctuations in resources.

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