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Individual stabilizing and functional systems that improve product quality, economy and production processes.

Tailor-made product stability – all the time.

With our complex functional systems we define deli food characteristics. With TOSENO functional systems, emulsion, viscosity, creaminess, mouthfeel, flavour, look, transportation and storage stability are all maintained until consumption.

  • Emulsified products retain their defined oil droplet size, with very fine distribution
  • The stable matrix of clear dressings of clear dressings keeps oil droplets in free suspension
  • Ketchup und red sauces: Viscosity, the desired colour and seasoning, and cost-efficiency, for example by reducing the tomato paste content

We provide for reproducible and versatile flavour experiences with predictable and controlled time expenditure and costs, and create stable product quality, long-term economy, and continuous improvement in manufacturing processes. When raw material quality varies, we standardize compounds for the respective application areas.

We involve our customers early on, in order to develop targeted functional systems for demanding deli foods and dessert manufacturers. We offer solutions for a wide variety of products. Are you looking to expand or improve your vegan product range, or do you want to cold-produce mayonnaise efficiently? Ask us!

TOSENO expertise for every product:

  • Mayonnaises
  • Salad mayonnaises
  • Deli salads
  • Hamburger sauces
  • Creamy salad dressings
  • Emulsified salad dressings
  • Clear salad dressings
  • Pastes
  • Bread spreads
  • Dips
  • Tomato ketchups
  • Red sauces
  • Desserts

With almost all products, TOSENO functional systems can be used in clean label, vegetarian, vegan, halal, kosher and/or organic versions.

They are highly efficient in daily use, and risk-free.

We offer effective solutions for your individual product and manufacturing requirements. Outsource your basic product quality to TOSENO, and concentrate fully on your in-house individualizing.

  • Minimizing of production and quality risks
  • No need to qualify individual raw material lots
  • No undesirable side-effects
  • Reduction in time-consuming process and quality controls
  • In some cases, elimination of entire process steps

We’re experts in the batch-based cold production of deli foods of all kinds. In dialogue with you, we reach every prioritized quality parameter, even under challenging market conditions.

Ask us about cold-produced egg yolk or egg white salad mayonnaises and cream dressings in culinary quality, without the intermediate step of culinary cooking.

High-end mayonnaise mouthfeel and equivalent creaminess with any desired fat content.

Full flavour, appealing mouthfeel, and perfect creaminess despite fat reduction. The result: Nutrition-conscious consumers can’t tell the difference.

  • Cost reduction
    We can significantly reduce the amount of high-priced oil in the finished deli product, and define the fat content in very small increments
  • Availability
    Even with severe shortages of food oil, the fact that you don’t need as much helps you remain able to operate
  • Classic mayonnaise
    Whether classic high-fat egg yolk mayonnaises or the lightest salad mayonnaises, TOSENO makes it possible.

We have vegan alternatives for scrambled egg!

TOSENO’s special compounds offer manufacturers the ability to make powder-based and individualized finished products to their own recipes. The consumer simply dissolves the powder in water and puts it in a pan to make vegan scrambled egg. The results look and taste 100% scrambled egg.

Clear dressings with visible stability.

Here, the quality of TOSENO functional systems can be seen with the naked eye. We ensure that the many components in clear dressings are well distributed and so have their full effect. The distribution of solids remains completely stable during transportation and storage.

  • Transparency in depth ensures highly effective success monitoring.
  • Good gel stability provides transport safety.

Enzyme-stable salad mayonnaises for the perfect deli salads.

Salad mayonnaises or creams for raw vegetable and horseradish products maintain all their physical properties, thanks to our long-term enzyme-stable functional systems.

  • TOSENO functional systems provide stable emulsions and prevent uncontrolled viscosity changes and phase separation.
  • No water separation, good appearance

Ketchup and red savoury sauces: The entire range, from cost efficiency to premium.

Whether classic tomato ketchup, seasoned ketchup or curry ketchup, or any other red savoury sauce, TOSENO functional systems offer all the quality parameters:

  • Full flavour profile
  • Defined seasoning profile (fruity, seasoned, spicy)
  • Appealing consistency
  • No water separation
  • Nice, even structure
  • Definable tomato paste content

Frozen deli foods: Unbroken success – the emulsion remains stable until consumed.

Interim freezing and thawing are no longer perceptible.

  • The freezing and thawing process does not destroy the oil droplets
  • The emulsion remains stable
  • Nice, creamy structure, fresh taste
  • Top transportation stability

We offer a wide variety of application possibilities.

Tell us your requirement profile, and we’ll offer you the right functional system. We guarantee that the desired viscosity, emulsion, appearance, flavour profile and cost-efficiency will be achieved.

  • Batch or continuous hot or cold production of salad mayonnaises, creams and vegan creams, ketchups and red savoury sauces of all kinds
  • Viscosity, consistency and stability are not impaired in pasteurized and sterilized products

Ask us about ways to improve your product. We look forward to your specific inquiry!

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