Our quality

TOSENO functional systems are more than just the sum of their high-quality components.

TOSENO quality: The finest distribution, perfect stabilization

Our functional systems define and ensure perfect stability for emulsions and clear dressings. We develop emulsified products in which the oil droplets have the desired size and very fine distribution, which are unaffected by transportation or storage.

  • Uniform droplet size in emulsified deli foods, in free suspension in clear dressings
  • All droplets distributed evenly and homogeneously.
  • No phase separation, but a completely homogeneous, high-quality appearance.
  • Perfect shine, appetizing colour and even distribution of the components throughout the product.
  • No enzymatic reactions, since the ingredients are perfectly coordinated, including when raw vegetables and other solid ingredients are added.

You get a stable brand product that is ready for in-house filling.

Definable product properties n

All properties are adapted to the manufacturer’s existing parameters within scientific limits, and thereby defined:

  • Product processes
  • Fat content
  • Viscosity
  • Mouthfeel
  • Creaminess
  • Appearance
  • Flavour
  • Solids content
  • Colouring
  • Shelf life
  • Transportation stability
  • Storage stability

Dynamic market screening: High quality, tested ingredients and the perfect composition for your brand product.

All the raw materials and finished products we use are tested in our laboratories for their microbiological, physical and chemical properties.

Secure and highly capable supply chains are created by the proactive, careful selection of the best international manufacturers.
Whether for hydrocolloids, emulsifiers or special starches, whether animal or plant origin, our suppliers, all raw materials, and the functional systems we make from them go through a rigorous qualification process, including the production process, all product functions and documentation of the relevant parameters.

We anticipate new raw material developments, quality fluctuations and availabilities on international markets through a permanent screening system. This lets us consistently offer effective and efficient functional systems for your brand’s success, even under widely varying and challenging market conditions.


Since 1997 TOSENO has been continuously certified per DIN EN ISO 9001 and since 2006 also per the EU ECO directive (DE-ÖKO-006). .

Classic and innovative product ideas, production process improvements, complex functional systems in dynamic supply and sales markets – these are our challenges and our passion. Always in dialogue with you, we turn ideas into highly efficient functional systems for your sustained, stable brand success.

Are you interested in improving your product, or developing a new one? We’ll find the right solution for you.

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